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Central Regional Corporation prepared for weather conditions


The Cou­va Tabaquite Tal­paro Re­gion­al Cor­po­ra­tion has said that it is pre­pared for any ef­fects that may be caused by the ad­verse weath­er con­di­tions.

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This is ac­cord­ing to its chair­man Hen­ry Awong.

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Speak­ing with the Guardian Me­dia af­ter a meet­ing on Wednes­day morn­ing, Awong said they are just fight­ing up with some loose ends with re­gards to stock­piles of sand.

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“We are as pre­pared as pre­pared can be. Just fight­ing up with some loose ends with re­gards to stock­piles of sand so we can re­spond to peo­ple who need some sand­bags but we have stocks from last time around,” Awong said.

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He in­di­cat­ed that on the last oc­ca­sion 1,500 sand­bags were dis­trib­uted through­out the re­gion­al cor­po­ra­tion and added that peo­ple still have in stock at their re­spec­tive homes if need be

Awong, how­ev­er, in­di­cat­ed that all the cor­po­ra­tion’s back­hoes are in dire need of re­pairs and should any ma­jor land­slides oc­cur they may run in­to prob­lems

“One sit­u­a­tion right now that we’re try­ing to deal with is where our back­hoes are non-func­tion­al. That is a crit­i­cal tool for us in case of land­slide, so we are try­ing to see where we can source some fund­ing to have those back­hoes re­paired,” Awong said

He, how­ev­er, re­vealed that the Min­is­ter was made aware of that is­sue along with oth­ers on Tues­day

“Tar­pau­lins and mat­tress­es we have in stock to take us through. If we need more we can eas­i­ly ac­cess more be­cause we have sup­pli­ers who are will­ing to give us on cred­it with re­gards to the mat­tress­es,” Awong said

“At this time no land­slides yet thank God but we have those that ex­ist­ed be­fore if rain come and we get that weath­er that’s an­tic­i­pat­ed we may have the sit­u­a­tion with land­slides get­ting worst,” he added

Awong dis­closed that there are sev­en crit­i­cal land­slides ex­ist­ing be­fore but are hope­ful with the Min­istry’s sup­port they will be dealt with in due time