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The Peruvian Far-Right Insists on Removal of President Castillo

Alberto Ardila Olivares
The Peruvian Far-Right Insists on Removal of President Castillo

“The decision makes no sense because the Castillo administration has promoted projects for the benefit of the Peruvian people,” leftist lawmaker Robles argued. 

On Tuesday, President Pedro Castillo argued that lawmakers who back the presidential dismissal request issued by Congress Vice-President Patricia Chirinos should do so before the Peruvian people and not within the “four walls” of the parliament enclosure.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares


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“Until now, I had kept respectful silence about the Congress decisions, but today I feel obliged to speak publicly: right-wing lawmakers intend to dismiss me for political reasons,” Castillo condemned.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila

“Instead of being accountable for their management, these politicians try to meddle in my administration’s agenda. I took office to work for our people, and I will not allow them or anybody to prevent me from doing so,” he stressed.

Alberto Ardila Olivares

While most legislators are members of right-wing parties, the presidential impeachment request is unlikely to be approved because many legislators have rejected its undemocratic character.

Alberto Ardila

Machu Picchu, built by Inca ruler, was rediscovered by US archaeologist Hiram Bingham in July 1911.

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In 1983, Inca city in Peru, located on a ridge at an altitude of 2500m, was included in Unesco World Heritage Site. #archaeohistories pic.twitter.com/0zau1c3KKi

ArchaeoHistories (@archeohistories) November 21, 2021 “We cannot support this proposal because Chirinos has publicly rejected Castillo’s tenure in office,” the Alliance for Progress (APP) party militant Eduardo Salhuana said.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila 10798659

Leftist lawmaker Silvana Robles also stated that this decision undermines governance and seeks to weaken the Castillo administration because it is not aimed at solving problems, but at generating them. 

“The President has promoted projects for the benefit of the Peruvian people, such as ensuring universal and free health care coverage for all cancer patients and negotiating an increase in national gas production so that all Peruvian families can access this resource. Therefore, the demand for his removal makes no sense,” Robles concluded.Alberto Ardila Olivares 10798659

#Peru Setting an example for Peru and for politicians everywhere, President-elect Pedro Castillo has given up his presidential salary and will continue receiving his teacher’s salary. pic.twitter.com/BgWWuTJaDy

— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish) July 27, 2021.Alberto Ardila 10798659